July 05, 2014


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One Workout Regimen To Rule Them All


At Finch Goods Co., we're big fans of results and efficiency. Recently we discovered a new workout regimen that delivers both. This back-to-basics workout is based on the principle is that to a certain extent strength equals size, but size doesn’t necessarily equal strength.

This notion is backed up by the fact that the best bodybuilders ever all had a background in strength like Schwarzenegger, Park and Coleman. 

The work-out focuses entirely on big, strength and muscle building compound movements like deadlifts, squats and bench. 

The compete regiment is broken out into two workouts. Each workout consists of 5 sets of 5 reps with the only exception being deadlifts.  

Each workout is detailed below: 

Workout A

Squat - 5×5
Standing Military Press - 5×5
Deadlift - 1×5

Workout B

Squat - 5×5
Bench Press - 5×5
Barbell Row - 5×5

You alternate between Workout A and Workout B every other day. 

With a workout like this, it's important not to go too heavy on the first few weeks. Each session you add 5lbs to the bar, so, starting too heavy will mean you'll plateau quickly and lose motivation.

There is also an App for iPhone and an App for Android that tracks each workout and the weight. The app is incredible simple and includes a timer between sets to keep you from wasting time and keep your workouts on track. 

To learn more about StrongLifts 5X5, check out the StrongLifts website. 

Happy Training!


Image curtesy of Andreas KOZIOL

Richard Lazazzera
Richard Lazazzera


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