August 31, 2014


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The Art of Classic Wet Shaving

Classic shaving has become a lost art. Once a time honored tradition practiced and passed down from generation to generation, the concept of wet shaving of been lost to a the marketed world of disposable plastic razors. Switching from a cheap disposable razor to the right double-edged safety razor is like upgrading from a Pinto to a BMW. A safety razor like an artist's tool. Just imagine holding a piece of heavy, sturdy metal in your hand to craft your art as opposed to a piece of cheap plastic. Nothing beats the gratification of a traditional wet shave. It's the ultimate grooming ritual and craft to me mastered.

Benefits of the Classic Wet Shave

1. Get a Better Shave Every Time
Conventional wet shaving provides the closest shave possible with the promise of healthier skin. Electric razors and the latest over marketed 5 blade contraptions irritate the skin more than needed resulting in redness, razor burns, and ingrown hairs. Safety razors utilize a single blade which helps eliminate skin irritation because you have one blade instead of several raking over your skin at each stroke. Your skin will be thanking you.  

2. Save Your Hard Earned Cash
The economical benefits are also a great plus to using a safety razors. Compare to the constantly rising costs of cartridge razors, single razor blades are just pennies. By switching over to a safety razor, you can save some serious dough in the long run. You'll never have to put up with a dull blade again trying to make the most of your cartridge razors. 

3. Less Waste 
Traditional wet shaving with a double-edged safety razor uses less waste than shaving with cartridge razors. The only waste is a single metal razor blade that can be recycled and lather down the sink. Unlike today’s razor cartridges, a double-edged blade can easily be recycled.

4. Take Pride In Your Shave
You'll feel a great sense of pride once you've mastered the art of using traditional shaving tools. There's a certain amount of skill and technique required in the ritual of classic wet shaving which takes time and practice. Learning to shave the way your great-grandfather shaved, brings a sense of pride, tradition and connection to years past. 

Ready to start your own journey into the world of classic wet shaving? Finch Goods Co. has all the tools you need, from safety razors to brushes and shaving soap. 





Richard Lazazzera
Richard Lazazzera




March 06, 2015

I just bought that poudrct and love it! Instead of shaving every 3 days or so, I just give my legs a daily run over and I’m good to go! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Reb


March 05, 2015

I’d vernute that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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