September 17, 2014

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Finch Goods Co. curates, designs and develops the best in mens fashion finishings and lifestyle products.

We strive to evolve our collection to become a well-edited assortment of contemporary designs and independent labels from the U.S., Canada and abroad.

Introducing The Finch's Collection

All the goods in Finch Goods Co. have special story to tell. And today I will tell ours.

We have always admired quality, craftsmanship, and good design. We believe these 3 attributes help a product remain classic through fashion trends, and wear well into their years like a baseball glove. It's exactly what we look for when we curate the goods for Finch Goods. 

From our love of great, well-made products, We've personally teamed up with designers and manufacturers from around the world to bring you our own line of men's goods, The Finch's Collection. Designed to honor tradition, while cultivating the lifestyle of the modern man, Finch's will be a line of men's goods and accessories that range from your daily carry to the finishing touches of your life.

With the ideals of quality, craftsmanship, and great design, we're proud to introduce our first two items of the Finch's collection: the Finch's Safety Razor and Finch's Badger Hair Shaving Brush. As the big 1-2 of the shaving, they are essential tools in the every man's grooming kit and it only felt right that something so practical, yet traditional be the first addition to the Finch's collection.


Finch's Safety Razor is a well balanced shaving instrument that perfectly fits your hand, providing superior control over your shaving strokes, one perfect lift off after another.

The smartly designed handle is milled from a solid rod of aircraft grade aluminum. The safety razor head is perfectly balanced and weighs 89 grams - one of the heavier safety razors on the market - providing the perfect pressure while shaving. 

To complement the Finch's Safety Razor,  we have the Finch's Badger Hair Shaving Brush. It's ergonomic handle is designed it to fit perfectly in your hand allowing a full range of motion. Like the Finch's Safety Razor, it's handle is precision milled from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum. 

The brush is made from AAA badger hair. Each brush has its bristles hand selected and hand filled. Our AAA Badger hair absorbs water and is the wet shave standard for applying the most comfortable, moist, and penetrating lather.

 Learn more about the quality, craftsmanship, and great design behind Finch's Shaving Tools

Richard Lazazzera
Richard Lazazzera


1 Comment


March 05, 2015

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