Build Your Own Everyday Carry Keychain


We've hand selected beautiful, functional and finely crafte keychains from some of the most respected craftsmen from all over the world. The keychains are a great place to start to begin building your pocket friendly everyday carry keychain and can serve as the centerpeiece to your everyday carry masterpiece.

Everyday Carry Keychain Split Rings

You're everyday keychain carry is only as your your weakest link. We've sourced our 1" steel split rings from the good ol' U.S of A. - Choose a complimenting color to your main keychain or choose something oposing to really set your carry apart.

Functional Keychain Accessories

Your everyday keychain carry isn't just about form, it's about function as well. Take your carry to the next level and add some functional accessories to help you tackle the everyday.

Other Keychain Accessories