Carry On Tradition

Somewhere along the way, we lost our way. Maybe we didn't lose our way as much as we were tricked. For hundreds of years, men have been shaving. Originally we used sharpened rocks, though in time we mastered manufacturing and produced blades made from steel with an edge so fine, it constituted perfection.

Things stayed that way for a hundred years, and then things started getting crazy. In the name of marketing and profit, razor companies starting convincing the public that multiple blades made for a better shave.

Over the next 20 years, the multi-blade marketing engine kept turning and we lost the art of traditional wet shaving with a beautiful crafted instrument, in favor of a disposable plastic razor with $5 cartridges.

The fact is traditional wet shaving with well made shaving instruments are not only more cost effective in the long run, but produce less irritation, and a more enjoyable experience. Finch Goods wants to end the vicious cycle of expensive razor cartridges and lies by bringing back the finest shaving instruments meant to last a lifetime. 

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 Quality Construction

The Finch's Safety Razor and Badger Brush's handle is machined from a solid rod of aircraft grade aluminum (6061 aluminum alloy). The sturdy design and construction will ensure your razor and badger brush's performance for many years to come.

 Manufactured in the USA

When we designed our shaving instruments, we made a promise not to compromise on quality. When it came time to manufacture our razors, we couldn't think of a better plane than the good ol' US of A. 

 Precision & Control

Like a painters brush, your shaving instruments are an extension of your hand. We machined the handles of our safety razor and shaving brush you give you superb control and range of motion to get the best shave ever.


Finch's shaving instruments provide a close and comfortable shave with less irritation every time and for years to come. 



Finch's Safety Razor is a well balanced shaving instrument that perfectly fits your hand, providing superior control over your shaving strokes, one perfect lift off after another. The razors handle is machined from a solid rod of aircraft grade aluminum (6061 aluminum alloy). The process is completed with a clear anodizing to protect the aluminum from wear and tear for years to come. The balance of the safety razor head with the handle is superb. No other safety razor on the market matches the craftsmanship, design, and material selection.

Finch's Badger Hair Shaving Brush is made from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum. Designed it to fit perfectly in your hand to give you the widest range of motion. The brush is made from AAA badger hair. The bristles are hand selected and hand filled. Badger hair absorbs water and is the standard for applying the most comfortable, moist, and penetrating lather.





Photo Credit: Federico Grechi