A Wallet to Last a Lifetime

In the span of my entire childhood, I don’t remember my father purchasing or changing his wallet once. Thousands of times I’d see him reach into his pocket and pull out the masterpiece in leather craftsmanship. Simplicity, functionality and quality. A single flap incorporating 8 card flaps and a money clip. Nothing more and nothing less. It was quality and simplicity at its finest.

I want my wallet to be understated, but it should have personality. Whenever I take it out, I want it to scream authentic and bleed class. Chivalry is in the details and I want my wallet to exemplify what I stand for.

A decent wallet? You can probably buy that anywhere. But a great wallet means great craftsmanship. It’s a work of art, much like a Patek Philip watch, it’s all about the pain staking details.

The quality of the leather, the details in the stitching, and the simple but elegant beauty of the final product as you hold it in your hands, that’s fine craftsmanship.


Bison Made is the epitome of great craftsmanship. Hand sourced and handmade in the U.S.A, Bison Made wallets are made to last for a lifetime. Don’t believe me, this video will blow you away. I guess they do make them like they used to.

I have a Bison Made wallet. I have a number 8 wallet in whiskey and I love everything about it. I love the understated simplicity, the rich, creamy smell and the feel of real, genuine leather. You know what’s really amazing about my wallet? Like all quality products, it looks better the more it ages.

Look, you can get a wallet anywhere. I can buy a faux leather wallet from a kiosk for $20. If that’s your style, this wallet definitely isn’t for you. But for those of you who understand that what you carry in your pocket can say a lot about you, I guarantee that you will love the Bison Made wallet.

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