Men’s Personalization 2014: It’s all in the Details

I was at a wedding recently, sipping cocktails in a sea of black suits and tuxedos. A thought popped into my mind. Why do the women look so unique in their myriad of colours and styles, but all the men look exactly the same? The answer is simple of course, men’s fashion simply isn’t as diverse. We simply don’t have the same selection to be unique.

“I love your socks, the colours are gorgeous, and you really stand out. Where did you get them?” was the question that came from the lips of a young lady that noticed my socks from across the room.

Men don’t have as much choice, but I’ve learned that there are small, subtle but powerful ways in which we can express our uniqueness.

It used to be the tie. Your choice of tie used to represent your personality, your uniqueness, your funkiness. But the new tie is the sock. Funky socks, fun socks, colourful socks, socks that say that we are who we are and we’ll wear what we want to wear and we’ll have fun with it.

Finch Goods

At Finch Goods we offer stupendously amazing socks.

High quality, bright and unique socks that will make you feel like the first time you put on fine an Italian tailor made suit. It’s that last touch, that small but significant detail.

Myself, I go for the rainbow coloured Bugatchi Princeton Ruby Dress. Which one suits your style?

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