Daneson Every Blend Toothpicks 6-pack

by: Daneson

The Every Blend 6-Pack features one bottle of each Daneson flavour. This beautiful gift box is the ideal starter kit for those who are interested in learning what we're all about. Think of it as a stepping stone towards finding your preferred blend. 

The traditional blends that are included:

  • Cinnamint No. 7
  • Mint No. 9
  • Salted Birch No. 8
  • Lemon No. 11
  • Single Malt No. 16
  • Bourbon No. 22

About Daneson:

Daneson's has a general rule to under promise and over deliver. With this in mind, each package contains 4 bottles with a minimum of 12 toothpicks, but you should find it flush with more. The traditional Daneson recipes use all natural and often local ingredients blended in such a way as to create flavours that are welcoming and respected for how they can make you feel.


  • 6 bottles per package
  • At least 12 toothpicks per bottle
  • Natural and local ingredients 
  • Made in Canada

Why we love it:

This is the gift everybody loves, but would never buy for themselves. Daneson Toothpicks are a simple luxury that should not be overlooked. 

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