EDC BETA-QR Keychain Flashlight w/ Quick Release - HAIII Black

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The BETA-QRV2 was conceived by one man on a mission to design and develop the absolute best keychain flashlight.

Jason, the Californian designer knew it had to be powerful, durable, have the best possible color rendering and to top it off, wanted to design the first keychain flashlight that also featured a quick release so you could remove it with ease at any point.

The BETA-QRV2 achieves all the goals in one beautiful package. This is without a doubt the best keychain flashlight, period.


  • Patented Quick-Release Mechanism
  • 2 Modes - Low and High (15 Lumens On Low & 60 Lumens On High)
  • Nichia 219 High-CRI LED
  • AAA Battery (Not Included) 4 Hours on Low & 1 Hour on High


  • Machined from 6061T6 Aluminum
  • HAIII Black Coating
  • Solid Brass Quick-Release Mechanism


  • Flashlight Length: 2.75"
  • Length with Brass Quick-Release: 3.75"
  • Diameter: 0.51”"

Mode Selection & Memory

This flashlight contain a LED driver with two power levels and no mode memory, it will always revert to the lowest mode when the light has been off for 2 seconds or more.

Battery Installation

The battery should be installed with the positive terminal facing the head.

Additional Notes

- Over-tightening the head may damage the light
- Do not use li-ion rechargeable batteries, this will destroy the electronics
- Two spare o-rings are included with the Beta.

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