EDC Amōs Leather Keychain

by: AMŌS

This leather keychain by Amōs is made of the softest, most durable Italian leather. It features a simple rivet design that makes it easy to hook and go. Beautifully finished and made to last, the Amōs Leather Keychain keep your keys safe, so you never lose them again. 

Every piece of leather will age uniquely and tells a story of your journey through life that will only get better with time.  Each cut of leather is unique so coloring may appear slightly different than shown in the images.

About Amōs:

Meaning ‘to carry’ in ancient Hebrew, Amōs began with a passion for minimal design and timeless style. Each piece goes through the diligent process starting by first selecting the finest leathers, then meticulously crafted and made by hand into a unique creation of style and design. Taking great pride in quality and craftsmanship, we believe a bag or accessory should be an expression of yourself and your personality. Each piece is crafted to provide easy functionality and a lifetime of use and enjoyment.
  • Ultra soft yet super durable Italian leather

  • Rivet design with polished keyring

Why we love it:

    It's the small details like this keychain that complete our everyday carry. 

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