EDC Horween Austin Calf Leather Keychain in Black

by: DEFY MFG. Co.

This handcrafted leather keychain is hand-painted and polished in Chicago from the finest leather in the country. Black Austin Calf leather is quite special. It's color and patina only improve with time. This keychain features a brushed black metal military gun clip and sports matte black metallic rivets.

  • 1" Wide x 5" Long x 0.8" Deep
  • Horween Leather Brushed Black Metal Military Gun Clip
  • Sports Matte Black Metallic Rivets
  • Made in Chicago, USA

About Defy:

DEFY's aim is simply to design the best possible products, and then make them. For inspiration they looked to the past, back to a time when 'American Made' defined an entire country, however they also looked closely at what was happening around them. What they discovered was a new, vibrant generation of 'slow manufacturing' companies owned by craftsmen building amazing things. It's this very concept that they built their company around, carefully designing and manufacturing great products with the best possible materials and craftsmanship.

DEFY designs and manufactures all of their goods in the United States.



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