Finch's Double Edge Safety Razor

by: Finch's

Finch's Safety Razor is a well balanced shaving instrument that perfectly fits your hand, providing superior control over your shaving strokes, one perfect liftoff after another.

The razors handle is machined from a solid rod of aircraft grade aluminum (6061 aluminum alloy). The process is completed with a clear anodizing to protect the aluminum from wear and tear for years to come.

The balance of the safety razor head with the handle is superb. No other safety razor on the market matches the craftsmanship, design and material selection. 

About Finch's

From our love of great, well-made products, Finch Goods Co. has personally teamed up with designers and manufacturers from around the world to bring you our own line of men's goods, The Finch's Collection. Designed to honor tradition, while cultivating the lifestyle of the modern man, Finch's will be a line of men's goods and accessories that range from your daily carry to the finishing touches of your life.


  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum (6061 aluminum alloy)
  • Weight: 89 grams
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Comes with one Merkur Platinium double edge razor blade
  • For additional blades: Merkur Platinum 10 pack

Why we love it:

Sleek and stylish, yet built for function and every day use, the Finch's Double Edge Safety Razor is an every day essential we can't live without.

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