Ruby-Tipped Brass Top

by: Finch Goods Co

This is no child's toy. This is a precision instrument. This ultra premium top brings together brass, aluminum, and a ruby tip, taking the humble top to a new level of precision, performance, and beauty. 

The secret (beyond a solid design based on Newton and "the physics") is the instrument-grade ruby sphere.

The  same type of ruby is used in Rolex watches, high-precision measuring instruments, fiber-optic transmission lines, and other science instruments. 


The "sphericity" (how round the ruby is) is 25 millionths of an inch. That means, if you take an inch and divide it into one million slices. The amount of error is less than 25 slices out of the million. It's really round.  

How Long Will It Spin? 

How long "can" it spin is entirely unknown. The current unofficial record is just over 12 minutes. Check out the video below for a bar-setting unedited 10 minute spin. 

Your spin-time will vary however, here are some benchmarks:

  • 6 Minutes: Most people should be able to hit this without trying too hard. You have to have a good surface where the top can actually stay on it for that long. Try a plate or bowl to keep your top from falling off the table. 
  • 8 Minutes: Put in a little practice and 8 minutes can be reached. To go past 8 minutes you have to have a good surface and good technique.
  • 10+ Minutes: If you practice a lot, you'll start seeing spins over 10 minutes... but that is very hard to do.

Proudly made in the USA by an independent craftsman. 

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